About Strght & Nrrw

Strght & Nrrw is a clothing and lifestyle brand, based in Jacksonville, FL. Founded by Jay Harris, Strght & Nrrw was built as a statement and message meant to connect with others. We view our clothing and other products as the perfect billboard, designed to spread a powerful message. 


A Powerful Message

Strght & Nrrw is the embodiment of the belief that no one is perfect, and no one is worthy. Our good works will never result in perfection. People should love because they were loved. People should show mercy because mercy was shown to them. People should give because they were given freely to. Jesus is our Strght & Nrrw. We just follow. Our creativity flows from this and a shirt serves as a canvas to share the good news. 

Live the Brand

In what seemed like overnight, Strght & Nrrw became more than just a clothing brand. Strght & Nrrw became a lifestyle. We believe that to live our mission is to follow Jesus and to listen, guide, mentor, and serve those in need. We are all in need and the good news of the gospel is for everyone.